Anneli räddar världen: Reuse of old socks

Inspired by the idea that very small things can contribute to saving the world, I took a pair of old socks and made them into a scarf. I must admit, the socks was not used and they where made of a very soft material. Perfect for scarfs!

The socks in the video is a pair I got from friends, I am very fond of them. I did not make a scarf from them! They are very beautiful. The scarf around my neck is what was socks. And those socks where ugly…


Boring wonderful knitting

You might think of knitted socks as a boring grandma gift, but is it really? I got these for Christmas. I do not know the maker very well, but they spent time on a gift for me anyway. And a couple of thick, warm socks is also a way of saying; keep warm and well. And I think they had fun making them too. I appreciate people that use time and energy on gifts. It makes them so much more worth.

On top of it, it’s a fantastic pattern! Looks like flowers or leaves! Makes me want to listen to an interesting podcast and knit myself. In other words, this gift isn’t only warm for my feet and heart, but also inspiring! Wonderful gift!