Anneli räddar världen: Reuse of old socks

Inspired by the idea that very small things can contribute to saving the world, I took a pair of old socks and made them into a scarf. I must admit, the socks was not used and they where made of a very soft material. Perfect for scarfs!

The socks in the video is a pair I got from friends, I am very fond of them. I did not make a scarf from them! They are very beautiful. The scarf around my neck is what was socks. And those socks where ugly…



Inspiration. We can miss inspiration. We do not find it, or we never had it. It’s easy to forget in everyday life. A good idea that’s floating away from you. Or is it that commitment… What is the difference? Commitment to really do something and inspiration to really create something?

Committed people is a bit stressed out. Inspired people is not. Commitment is on the outside, but inspiration on the inside. Silent, thinking, searching and fleeting inspiration. Loud, active, fast and determinations commitment.

I like inspiration. Makes us think of things from a different point of view. We see small things where others see big. And the other way around. A tree has levees. Levees are small, and the tree big.

The funny thing is that inspiration is to a great extent creativity and new thinking. Just like commitment. Maybe they belong together anyway.

First published February 2016 in Swedish on