Sculpture, welcoming conservation

UntitledVery pleased. It’s not finished. But it’s a long way towards where I want to go with this. It was originally a school assignment. But I developed it, and now it’s my own. It has taken me some time and energy; first i dugg up my complete fear of being alone. It’s strong, and I had never looked it in the eye before. Then with time and hard work I have slowly realized I am not alone. I have one that constantly writes to me. One that does what she says she will, that one I can trust. I have one that at the moment treasures my friendship highly. I have one that I think will not fail, and will stay with me a very long time as my friend. On top of this, I will meet people I know a bit around town. That is important too.

So, my sculpture started as a wordless show of my loneliness, and the fact that many things ends this spring. But it ended with the joy of feeling loved. Do I journey hard? I always journey hard.

It ended up in a exhibition on Umeå Fashion week, at Hotel Mimer. Not just me, but all of my class. We are all good at what we do, and really nice people, I will miss them a lot. They have a part in how this sculpture became, since our time together in class are one of the things that ends. One other thing that ends, is my therapy.  I completely forgot to tell my main inspiration about this exhibition! My therapist. If you read this, I wish you would go see it.

They made us white something to fit with our sculptures. I was unused to mix writing with sculpture, but it was very nice and educating. Here it is:


A good conversation

To meet and be open and humble together

To accept who we are, do not try to change

To meet with my horrible, wonderful person. Just by being there. Listen. Or tell.

To not be someone wrong or right, happy or sad, friend or enemy.

To just be what I am just now.

Not to change the other, but grow. Preferably together.


I hope I’m on my way. To make a difference. Just to be someone to talk to, and give maybe a few good words on your road in life. What more could I ask?



Inspiration. We can miss inspiration. We do not find it, or we never had it. It’s easy to forget in everyday life. A good idea that’s floating away from you. Or is it that commitment… What is the difference? Commitment to really do something and inspiration to really create something?

Committed people is a bit stressed out. Inspired people is not. Commitment is on the outside, but inspiration on the inside. Silent, thinking, searching and fleeting inspiration. Loud, active, fast and determinations commitment.

I like inspiration. Makes us think of things from a different point of view. We see small things where others see big. And the other way around. A tree has levees. Levees are small, and the tree big.

The funny thing is that inspiration is to a great extent creativity and new thinking. Just like commitment. Maybe they belong together anyway.

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