Cut in two.

When I walk in the biggest city I have ever lived in on a sunny day. On old streets with tiny shops selling odd and strange things. I walk past people sitting down laughing over a beer. The took their chair with them outside on the street drinking their coffee. I want to open a shop too, and sell my stuff. Live there and be a part of the old city, be a part of them and know them. Say hello, and know that whenever during the day or night, I will never be alone. Not really. Be a part of it.

When I sit in the house on the island. Where I can be a carpenter, staple wood against the wall. Make something if them. Plant my herbs till my fingernails hurt, and pick up the mail by the distant neighbor and say a quiet hello. Trek in the mountains and sail on the sea. Eat fish I my self cached.

In between these worlds is where I live.

They say choices is our worlds worst trouble. We should be happy, it could be so much worse of a trouble. But we can not handle it better just because it is nonessential problem. I believe them, it is our worst trouble. We are a generation very aware about what could be. And very aware that what could be, might be better.

It is hard to find rest.


All these lovely photos!


I must admit, I have many very nice photos on my drive. Most of them from this winter. While it is a lot of fun, what to do with all these photos? No one but me will see them on my drive! Finally FINALLY I red about stock. Not like stock market, but stock photos. I know there is a lot of discussions about this phenomena, specially from professional photographers. But I figured, I am not professional (that would be an insult to the real professional), and now that I tried to have my photos up for sale on one of these sites, really. The photos there are not the greatest I have seen. They might be technically good, but they are not fantastic, perfect or art. THAT should be sold for the money they deserve. Most of the photos I see there are fine. Absolutely fine. Some of us might actually earn some money too. But most of us is just happy to share and have fun I think.

And it is all good! I have a lot of hobbies, this is one. I use photography and painting like therapy mostly, I do not need to be the best. And some of my photos have four likes already!

In the end, maybe I will sell a couple of them too!

Not being the best, and still be enough.