Anneli räddar världen: Reuse of old socks

Inspired by the idea that very small things can contribute to saving the world, I took a pair of old socks and made them into a scarf. I must admit, the socks was not used and they where made of a very soft material. Perfect for scarfs!

The socks in the video is a pair I got from friends, I am very fond of them. I did not make a scarf from them! They are very beautiful. The scarf around my neck is what was socks. And those socks where ugly…


Anneli räddar världen: Japanese life hack!

I am very fond of reuse. I could be my middle name really. I grew up in Norway, and at that time there was a TV show for children about Bleckulf. He was a octopus, and he was a  bit obsessive about nature. Back then the most important thing you could do was keeping in mind not to leave trash around outside. Today it’s about not eating meat and electric cars. Times change. But I was a kid, and I took this to heart. Still today this octopus affects my behaviour. REUSE! SAVE THE PLANET!

Then I found this video: Japanese lifehacks, and got inspired. I dug up all kinds of paper and started making these small houses in my video above. Very simple papers trays to just throw away when they are full! Perfect for kitchen when you are preparing food. Or fixing things in front of the TV. Or anywhere else.

I really love these kind of things!

The naked man in the picture

It wasn’t anything criminal, don’t worry. It was a picture a friend of mine showed me from his youth. The picture was taken just after he and a friend had been running in the snow naked. They where very happy smiling and covering their most intimate parts with their hands. It looked very cold.

My friend was only eight years younger. Not that much. But I could still see that he was young. Above all, he was thinner. Like a stick actually. And I said; SO SMALL!

And that’s it really. That is my story.

BUT it turns out, the feeling was a little awkward. Only a little, I did not really care. Until I came home, I had some time to think. At home I asked what felt out of sorts? I got the answer; he was thinking that I commented on his private parts.

I did not even see his private parts. They where behind his hands!! HOW could I comment on that??

This part about the human race. I do not understand. We seem to think ourselves past every obvious fact because it feels right. 1: I did obviously not see private parts in that picture. 2: The guy was thinner. So what am I commenting on? Guys? Really? That he was young. Of course. Nothing else was smaller in that picture compare to today.

I do not say that we should feel less. Or that we feel wrong. But it is still important to know the difference between fact and feeling. And YES fact takes some work. Feeling do not take that much work. It is just to open your mouth and tell everyone what you feel. But what if that affects people? Very much? That is a question every grown up needs to think about before opening your mouth according to me. That awkward feeling came from my friend that was so focused on his nakedness, that he heard what he did not want to hear.

People, we need to start thinking deep. Not only what ME, I feel at the moment. What will the consequences be? Will someone get hurt? Will the country and the world benefit from this from ten years on in the future? What am I really telling people with this?

People, you are smarter than this! Let me be clear. I come from a war family. My own grandpa fought 1940. We do not wish to see that again.  I will give an arm and a leg for that not to happen again.

With love from Scandinavia.